Sustainability Sustainability
17. February 2021

The supply chain is the decisive factor in turning a conventional product into a sustainable one. As a company, we have always considered the environmental impact of producing our products. And we take very seriously our social responsibility vis-à-vis our partners all over the world. Designing a supply chain to the benefit of people and nature was and remains the corporate sustainability claim that we live by. Accordingly, We Care certification is now a further step in our continued efforts to meet the most stringent of standards..

We Care


All-round sustainability

We Care indicates that we conduct our business in a fully sustainable way along the entire supply chain. Not just when it comes to individual products, but with respect to our complete range. Not just when purchasing raw materials, designing environmentally friendly production methods or dealing responsibly with employees, but with regard to all areas of sustainable corporate action. This includes eco-friendly packaging just as much as the sustainable alignment of corporate management.


Independent audits

As a neutral standards agency, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL Germany) guarantees the certification standard and makes refinements on an ongoing basis. Independent certifying bodies approved by FiBL audit compliance with it. This holds for us, too: we will be audited on an annual basis to determine whether we are performing our duties of care along the supply chain – and are working to continually improve our operations with regard to sustainability. We Care was launched only recently with the aim of establishing new environmental and social quality standards in the supply chain. And we greatly welcome it. Already a pioneer of the organic movement with more than 40 years of experience of producing high-quality food, Lebensbaum is one of the first ever manufacturers to complete the pilot certification process. In this way, we are creating even more clarity and transparency with regard to our environmental and social commitment. To promote fair and eco-friendly food production.

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Sustainability Sustainability

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Sustainability Sustainability

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